Embassies and foreign cultural and scientific institutions in Serbia

Since it was established in 2010, the Center has developed successful partnerships and collaborations with numerous embassies and branches of foreign cultural and scientific representatives in Serbia. In respect to the Center’s types of activities and the programs that are being presented to the local audiences, this kind of support is essential when inviting exceptional individuals from the world of science, culture and art to Serbia. This also applies to the diverse, contemporary content of the programs which promote science and its infinite manifestations!

The Austrian Cultural Forum

In April 2016, the Centre for the Promotion of Science, as one of the partners on the Art & Science (the European Digital Art and Science Network) project coordinated by the Ars Electronica from Linz, organised a multimedia exhibition in Belgrade. The Project and the accompanying exhibition were supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade and the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Mr Johannes Irschik spoke at the opening.

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The French Embassy and the French Institute

The most important national event organised by the Centre for the Promotion of Science is May, Month of Mathematics – M3. The French Embassy and the French Institute in Serbia were strategic partners on the Programme in 2013. The same year, Serbia’s guest at the M3 event was the famous French mathematician and Fields Medal winner, Mr Cédric Villani. Also in 2013, the Centre for the Promotion of Science and the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts with the financial support of the French Institute published Mr Villani’s book called Théorème Vivant (The Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure).

For more info on the M3 programme visit: http://m3.cpn.rs/

For more info on the French Embassy visit: http://www.ambafrance-srb.org/

For more information on the French Institute visit: http://www.institutfrancais.rs/

US Embassy in Serbia

The US Embassy in Serbia supported the visit of Keith Devlin, a prominent mathematician and popular science author, as an introductory event to the May, Month of Mathematics – М3 in 2018. On this occasion he held several lectures and workshops in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Novi Sad.

Find out more about the US Embassy in Serbia: https://rs.usembassy.gov/sr/

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Belgrade supported the participation of the artistic duo Shinseungback Kimyonghun in the art+science  programme for 2017. Their performance was also part of the first Korean Culture Days in Serbia, a festival designed with a view to promoting Korean culture and creating stronger ties between the institutions and peoples of our two countries.


The Cervantes Institute

The Cervantes Institute was one of the partners on the 2012 May, Month of MathematicsM3 event. On that occasion, Belgrade’s guest was renowned Spanish mathematician Javier Barrallo, who held several workshops and lectures for all interested students and members of the general public.


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The German Embassy and the Goethe Institute

The establishment of the May, Month of Mathematics national event in 2012, would not have been possible without the direct collaboration with the German Mathematics Society and its then president, the famous scientist and promoter of mathematics Günter Ziegler. As a result of their assistance and the programmes we received from Germany, the Centre succeeded in organising an event never before seen in these parts. A significant part of this collaboration also included the German Embassy and the Goethe Institute, who supported the publishing of Ziegler’s book Do I count?

In addition to Günter Ziegler, who gave the opening popular-science lecture in the Great Hall of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Thomas Focht, who was in charge of science communication and media relations for the German Mathematics Society was also a guest.

For more about the German Embassy visit http://www.belgrad.diplo.de/

For more about the Goethe Institute visit http://www.goethe.de/ins/cs/sr/bel.html


The British Council

The collaboration between the British Council and the Centre for the Promotion of Science is primarily reflected in the co-organisation of the New Technologies in Education conference which is dedicated to the use of information and communication technologies in education – importance of new technologies for the improvement of the quality of education.


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The Italian Cultural Institute


The Italian Cultural Institute supported the “Leonardo’s Polyhedra – De Divina Proportione” exhibit within the M3 programme for 2013. The exhibit was organised in collaboration with the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci and the museum director, Dr Alessandro Vezzosi was one of the guests. Dr Vezzosi delivered several noteworthy lectures in the exhibition space, as well as at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.


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